The Greatest Debate…..

Afternoon hoop fans…I hope you’ve enjoyed the last couple of nights action! OKC taking it to the Lakers and Heat STILL rolling! Notably the Knicks will be without Carmelo Anthony for a while as he picked up an injury the other night…still unclear how long for.

So, a bit of a discussing has surfaced online over the last few months. Certain NBA legends/hall of famers are making comparisons between Lebron James, Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan.

Firstly, there was an ongoing in-game rivalry between Lebron and Kobe brewing for a while and it was great to see them go head-to-head in this years all star game. I personally think Kobe came out on top! But this was only one game….Yes, Kobe is a 15 time All-star, champ and many more accolades..But since Lebron entered the world of the NBA he’s been on a different planet. As Jerry West points out in a recent interview “Lebron could be the scoring champ every season if he wants to, by he’d rather find a way to beat you first. Even if that mean dishing the ball out to others”. There is no doubt Kobe is an all-time great and will go down as one of the greatest ever, but he is and always has been the Lakers scorer. Whereas Lebron pretty much averages a triple-double each night. He is out of this world, an athlete that can do anything on the court. For his age he will, ┬áno doubt win more titles than Kobe. For me this takes him past Kobe and onto Jordan.

In many peoples eyes, Michael Jordan is the greatest. 6 titles (3 in a row….TWICE!). Jordan in his day was classed as an extra-ordinary athlete, doing things that people had never seen before. But, Lebron is taking it to the next level in every aspect of the game. Like Jordan, everybody wants Lebron on their team, they feel confident enough whether he has the ball or not. This debate can only heat up when he wins more championships though. Jordan has 6, Lebron has 1…But imagine how many he could have in a decade…10? If he has the write team around him, this can happen. Right now he has Wade and Bosh, these guys are very important to Lebron…Wade is the 2nd go-to scorer and his points in the paint are crucial whilst Lebron is creating space around the perimeter. whereas Bosh has the offensive off-ball mind of a basketball guru! setting crucial picks to create the holes and lanes for Lebron and Wade…and he can also be a mid-range scorer. So wherever Lebron goes or stays, his coach or franchise has to have a plan, a plan to provide a team with players that Lebron can feed off….2 or 3 All-stars in the strating 5 would be perfect!

But for me, this debate is 5 or 6 years premature. Lebron is one of the greatest athletes out there and is certainly the best player in the NBA right now. But he’s a few championships shy of any comparison to Michael Jordan…Don’t forget, i’m a Bulls fan! ha..

On a Bulls related note, travel to San Antonio tonight. Hopefully, a Bulls win against the team with the best record in the entire NBA Comment to ask about any info you want about your teams? I’m more than happy to hear your views..



Lebron’s pre-game dunk-fest!

Good morning, so i woke up to the news that NBA hall-of-famer Magic Johnson has offered $1m to the winner of next years all-star dunk contest. With the hidden agenda of luring Lebron James to show us his skills…and boy has he got some! check this video out….the possibility of Lebron, Griffin, Westbrook, Ross and maybe Nate Robinson matching up at next years event…mouth-watering.