The Story so far…

Two weeks into the season and we’ve been treated to some fantastic moments. From buzzer beaters to potential dunks of the season! We’ve also seen a match-up thats slipped under the radar somewhat, but has been something i’v been waiting for a while. D-Rose vs Irving.

Sticking with the subject of the East i don’t think its any surprise that the Pacers have gone out strong from the start, but boy have they started! we all new they could defend, but their stats are off the charts and they’ve also got the offensive talent thats swept all before them aside, so far. The addition of Scola has worked out for the Pacers, with his vital minutes at the defensive end. Lance Stephenson is also looking like a really dangerous offensive guard, working well with George off screens. The Heat are “heating” up after a couple of shock losses to the Celtics and the Sixers and starting to play true to form. Chalmers is looking more relaxed and spacing the floor for the big three. Our current MVP is doing his thing. A huge game the other night against the Bucks, which also found him patrolling the low post a bit more creating miss-matches…easy buckets there! The Bulls and the Knicks are yet to heat up so far, but we have seen flashes from both sides in what is yet to come. Bulls are back at 0.500 and Rose isn’t hurt (phew!) The addition of Dunleavy was proven a good one against the Cavs on Monday, late threes and getting to the foul line proved vital in their win. The Knicks have been quiet, but watch this space! As for the “mid-section” of the conference the majority are still finding their feet, tweaking their line-ups. Boston are playing a lot better than expected, my tip for an all-star…Jeff Green is the linch-pin for their success so far. In the east the two surprises so far are the Nets and the Wizards, both towards the foot of the conference and struggling to put win streaks together. Has Kidd bitten off more than he can chew with all the aging talent in Brooklyn? and are the Wizards not quite ready, i say that with a grimace on my face as there was so much potential for a few break-out season in that roster.


Over to the west, where there were plenty of pre-season stories to evaluate and where better to start than in Houston. They win, they lose, they win, they lose. When things have been going right for the beard and co. then we are seeing some great potential, but they seem to lack consistency so far. But we are only 2 weeks in and hopefully this will change. i really think it will because Howard is playing really well, already averaging his career figures across the board. The OAP’s in San Antonio are right on top again, picking up where they left off last year. the addition of Bellinelli has worked as an outside marksmen the kill off games and Leonard is picking it up after a quiet start. Also, Duncan’s minutes still haven’t dropped! Im not going to dwell on the Thunders start as we always expect them to be up there and now Westbrook is back. As for the rest of the teams hovering above the 0.500 mark the Clippers are strengthening defensively under Doc and “lob city” has apparently gone, but with Griffin and Jordan playing aggressively in the paint that will still be lighting up our highlight reel! Love is back for the Wolves and they are creeping up the standings, Kevin Martin is also helping their outside shooting percentage this season so far. As for the Warriors, defensively they are improving with the addition of Igoudala. As are the Lakers with Nick Young and Xavier Henry supporting Kamen and Gasol. The last couple of games for the Lakers has been a bit of a turning point. The lack of stars this season has brought a sense of team unity to the city of angels and for a basketball fan i’m happy for this to happen. Towards the foot of the conference we have The Nuggets, The Kings and the Jazz. For these teams this could be a very long season. At both ends of the court they are weaker than the competition. The Jazz lost there star in Jefferson and have lost that power and strength they had a year ago and the Kings don’t have an out-and-out scorer. As for Denver i’m really expecting a break-out season for Faried. They added Nate Robinson and JJ Hickson for different reasons, so now they have the job of pulling all the parts together.

Click to see my favorite dunk so far this season! xxImage



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