NBA’s summer movers and shakers

Welcome back hoop fans.

Now the 2013-14 seasons schedule has been publicized i thought id talk about the off seasons movers and shakers. Whichever team you follow, there has been some very interesting trades and free agent moves. Obviously the tracking of this seasons batch of rookies will be a major talking point throughout the season, but i will not be going into detail about that in this post.

There has been a couple of stand-out moves during the summer, no more-so than the movements of an “out of sorts” Dwight Howard. This was billed as THE big move of the summer from the Lakers to the Rockets. We will now get to see him team up with a future MVP James Harden and the tricky point guard, Jeremy Lin. Throw in the raw talent of Chandler Parsons and you’ve got a roster packed with dynamic raw talent….plus the best defensive big man of this era…and apparently he’s happy too!

One of the most unexpected talking points was came from the streets of Brooklyn. The big money acquisition of KG and Paul Pierce. My opinion is that the Nets owner has banked on building his roster with the intent that he hopes to be challenging from day one. Both Pierce and Garnett a seasoned pro’s and could possibly be playing just past their peak, but with Williams back to his all-star best this is also a very exciting roster. On the flip-side it has not worked out for the Celtics unfortunately, losing the Doc, perhaps they are building for the future and safe-guarding their young talent Green and Sullinger. On the plus side they have Kelly Olynyk, the stand out rookie from this years summer league.

Andrew Bynum is a name that screams talent, but was pretty much non-existant last season. Cleveland jumped at the chance to sign the big-man and we are expecting a long overdue stellar season from him. Alongside the no.1 pick Anthony Bennett, former rookie of the year, Irving and an almost sixth man of the year Jarrett Jack, i think Bynum will have the support of Varejao an add strength in the post aswell as their scoring power outside.

The Clippers have really matured over the last couple of seasons, an almost complete change of identity. Now, with the acquisition of coach Doc Rivers, re-signing Chris Paul and picking up a back up point in Collison. We could really see “Lob city” transform into a playoff force this season…hopefully with all the high-octain highlights!

The Pistons have acquired Josh Smith and Brandon Jennings this summer. Two big names to boost their chances of reaching the playoffs. Smith has the chance to spread his wings in Detroit, especially now he has a cleaver and skillful point guard in Jennings. All-star this year perhaps? 

Andre Iguodala was never settled in Denver. Since the Olympics he has been a shadow of his former self. An expected all-star call-up never came his way last season and didn’t play as many key minutes as he was expected to. Now he is at the Warriors, a playoff team! he teams up with Steph Curry and Thompson to bring his game back and help them push even further than last season…is this possible??

On a personal note, i am looking forward to seeing Metta World-Peace in the garden!

All eyes are going to be glued to T.V screens around the world come October 29th where the Heat tip-off their title defense against my team, the Bulls. I can’t wait!



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