Iv been posting short bits of information about the Bulls on Facebook for a couple of years, to some great response. I like to think that my posts can be related to people/friends who don’t have the best access to the NBA action, due to us being the other side of the pond! Not everyone has the luxury of ESPN or Sky Sports (on sundays) for live action. I rely on streams from a reliable source, so i have now taken it upon myself to provide an accurate (as possible), amusing and interesting guide to the latest news, scores and stats from around the NBA and i also want to talk about past legends and historic moments that formed the basis of my relationship with the NBA.

Like any young sports fan the lure of the best players, best plays and numerous titles is usually associated with the “glory supporter”….This IS true, but for me, there was something different about The Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan. At this time, football’s stars were the likes of Roberto Baggio, Romario, Gabriel Batistuta, George Weah and Eric Cantona. But for me, none of them had the same star quality as the Bull’s number 23 and to have the relaxed off court persona is what tied me into the Bulls (he is also a golfer…like me!) 

Its easy to say that one great player can take a team to back to back to back titles…twice! but he was surrounded by some of the NBA’s unsung heroes. Scottie Pippen, a scoring small forward who averaged over his career 16.1 ppg. Dennis Rodman, an extravert forward with 14.9 rpg in ’95. Tony Kukoc, sixth man of the year ’95…the list goes on, but you get what i’m saying!

To win 3 titles in a row determines that teams bond and spirit. This spirit has me hooked on following the Bulls and The NBA as a whole….it is a great sport and the mega money earners still have their feet on the ground with projects like ‘NBA cares’. Helping people less fortunate or communities devastated by natural disasters. 

So, what a way to start this blog site with a great win last night and Noah records a triple double over the 76ers.





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